Translation of documents

Translation of documents

The CACB requires translations of documents issued in languages other than English or French.
You must obtain word-for-word translations from either your academic institutions or a professional translation agency.

Translations supplement required documents. They facilitate the evaluation process and help to ensure the accuracy of our reports.

The CACB doesn’t provide translation services. Therefore, you are responsible for providing an official translation of your documents if they are issued in languages other than English or French.
We recommend requesting from your institution a sealed envelope of documents to send to the CACB, in addition to a separate sealed envelope of documents for the translator.


Additionally, The CACB requires translations that are:

  • Exact, word-for-word. All text in the original language must be accurately translated into English or French.
  • Clear and legible. Our evaluators need to read all translated course titles and grades, as well as information about the institution and the applicant.
  • Completed by a professional translator. This person might be from a university, certified translation agency, or any other professional translation service.


The CACB cannot accept the following:

  • Handwritten translations
  • Translations of photocopies
  • Translations completed by the applicants themselves
  • Incomplete translations